Silver Jackson - Perfect Mistake (Feat. Iska Dhaaf + OCnotes)

Alaskan Native Silver Jackson (Nicholas Galanin), along with collaborators OCnotes and Iska Dhaaf, poured a lot of love and heart into this haunting song. The video, created by Loaded Pictures' directing duo Helical (Carlos Cruz and Thai M. Tran), centers on two friends searching for something in the woods. Very quickly, though, it becomes clear they are not who we think they are...

A Loaded Pictures Production
Director: Helical (Carlos Cruz & Thai M. Tran)
Cinematography: Ronnie Dennis
Sound Designer: Miguel Angel Lopez
Executive Producers: Brian Homman & Chris Borden

Rana San
Meltem Ege
Nicholas Galanin

Special Thanks:
Iska Dhaaf
Zak Dylan Wass
Patrick Bean
Tom Heddell

Sitka, Alaska