Ecos de Calle (English Subtitle CC)

" ¿Qué tanto interviene la inspiración y cuánto se debe a la búsqueda constante de reconocerse en el arte? César Aréchiga nos cuenta sobre el oficio del artista plástico desde las obsesiones en su obra, la exploración de los materiales y las resonancias de las calles y el pasado."

" To what extent does inspiration intervene and how much is due to the constant quest to be recognized in art? Cesar Arechiga tells us about the craft of the artist, from the obsessions in his work, the exploration of materials, to the resonance of the streets and the past."

In May of this year (2016), I had the chance to meet an unusual but fascinating artist through a friend, his name is Cesar Arechiga and over a couple of beers with the guy I decided that we should shoot a small profile piece with my Canon 5d mark iii. I found Cesar´s project unique and human and I hope that through this piece you get a small glimpse into the mind of this awesome artist. Cesar is currently working on documenting more of the work he is creating in Mexico.


For English subtitles press the CC (captions) on the video.

Made by: Carlos Cruz
Script: Juan Pedro Delgado
Location sound and mix: Miguel Angel Lopez
Color: Alejandro Trigos

Special Thanks:
Fer Gonzalez, Carlos Yasik

Guadalajara, Jalisco. 2016